Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mothers' Day!

I hope my mom won't mind me sharing some of my memories of her.
Happy Mothers' Day Mom!
(and all my sisters and Mommy-friends)

Memories of Mom

Laughing together as Pooh bear thumped down the stairs or disguised himself as a rain cloud.
Thank you for reading to me.

Warm hugs that I sometimes resisted, but wanted and needed.
Thank you for not letting go.

Coming in from the cold to the spicy scent of hot punch on a rainy day. (To this day that smell still comforts me and reminds me of you.)
Thank you for making a gray day something to cherish.

Sitting next to you in church as you ran your hand through my hair or passed me a stick of Juicy Fruit. (All six of us wanted to be the one at your side.)
Thank you for taking turns.

Inviting me to be your official “taster” whenever I was in the kitchen with you.
Thank you for making me feel important.

Holding the phone to my ear after I had Alison, when I was unable to do it for myself, so I could listen to my sister’s encouraging words.
Thank you for doing what I couldn’t.

Telling me I am doing a good job (and meaning it) when I am blinded by my inadequacies.
Thank you for cheering me on.

I love you Mom. Thanks for the memories!!!


No Cool Story said...

So sweet!!
happy Mommy's Day + 1 day :D

Wendy said...

Funny, I thought I was Mom's official taste tester. Thanks for the blog. Love you!

Shari said...

I've always heard about what a great lady your Mom is...and now to hear about her from her daughter's point of view it's clear, she really must be GREAT - and the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. You too, are a wonderful person Jennifer! I'm glad you are my friend :)

wynne said...

That's really nice--thanks for posting it! It's nice to be reminded that being a mom means creating a safe place for someone else...(if that makes any sense). I just wish I could remember that every day!


I love my mom because she's happy with me just throwing some pictures of my kids together to give her a gift. :)

Rebecca said...

your mum sounds fabulous. Hope my kids have such fond memories of me at some stage.

compulsive writer said...

Late, but same to you. And thanks for this reminder:

"Warm hugs that I sometimes resisted, but wanted and needed.
Thank you for not letting go.

I'm going to keep trying...

jenh said...

Jen, that was so touching and sweet - I'm teary at 7:23 am !! You should put that in a book! Thanks for the reminder that little things count to a child. LOVE YOU!!

wynne said...

Niiiice new header...

Jennifer B. said...

Thanks everyone. Mom's are the best.

Wynne, thank you. My daughter took that photo. She'll be pleased :)

Millie said...

Hey, uh, did you really not post for a whole month? How does that... work?

compulsive writer said...

Happy 4th of July!!!