Monday, September 8, 2008

Once Upon A Time. . .

A mom posted a little story about taking a walk to school with her 2-year-old son. His spontaneous sprint toward the street that day was just one of many exciting adventures they shared. Her story became a guest post on Blog Segullah, and then had the honor of becoming a chapter alongside many beautiful, touching, funny, real-life stories (and poems) about motherhood. Reading them made me laugh, cry, and sometimes do this weird sort of snort-like coughy sound when I laughed unexpectedly through my tears.

And now you can enjoy them too.

Check it out here.

What's your story? Why don't you write it down and send it here?


wynne said...

Holy Crapamoli!

Look! She's baa-aa-aack!

wynne said...

Hmm. Write down my sweet stories about motherhood? Did you know that this is something I've been struggling with lately--trying to find any sweet in it at all? (I know that makes me sound like a terrible person, but--there you are--we all have our own bits of terrible hidden in us, don't we? Sort of like opening your box of Cracker Jacks and finding a cockroach head.)

Maybe going there and reading these nice bits about motherhood will help. (Maybe they'll make me feel even worse, but let's hope not.)

At any rate, glad you blogged today!

wynne said...

Oh--and congrats, too! (I didn't mean to go off on myself like that. The topic just took me by surprise. Sorry.)

Jennifer B. said...

Wynne, I love reading your comments. Sometimes they are as entertaining, or more, than the posts themselves. (Of course, it's not hard to be more entertaining the MY posts, but you read a lot of well-written blogs).

I think you would like this book. Yes there are warm fuzzy moments, but the essays are not a glossed-over soft-focus portrait of motherhood.

In the words of my editor, "some of the selections are humorous, some thoughtful, some poignant—yet each proves that motherhood matters, 'not just in the sentimental ways we talk about on Mother's Day,but in the gritty, lovely, everyday realities of life.' The volume speaks frankly about health crises, identity crises, and sanity crises, as well as the fruits of such struggles: insights gained, hearts expanded, and faith increased."

In other words, BUY IT! and tell all your friends to buy it too. ;)

allypally said...

Are you serious?? You've been published?!!

This deserves a special dessert at book club!


Jennifer B. said...

Awww, thanks.

No Cool Story said...


Argh! And to think I met you and didn't get your autograph ;(

Congrats, looks like a great project.
BTW, I feel like Wynne, I am struggling, sometimes I think I'm just a big old FAIL.
And sometimes I think I am not too bad.

No Cool Story said...

HEY! There you are :)

Jenn said...

Jen!! how exciting!! What a thrill!! I want to take a look at your copy, you'll have to bring it over on our next "visit" Congrats!!

Clark said...

I am always impressed with your work. Both on and off paper. I had fun hanging out last night. We need to do that more often.