Sunday, February 9, 2014

Remember blogging? Yeah, me too.

It's time for my annual post everyone! Yes, I'm still here and not blogging. I miss reading snippets from your lives and the feeling of friendship it inspired. Whether it was Carrot Jello's hillarious findings in a thrift store, or NoCoolStory's unbelievable internet finds, Annie's ideas for making life beautiful, EWBL's fart jokes, Millie's Mad Libs, or EW's wisdom, just to name a small few--I miss it all.

Being a stay-at-home mom with small children made me especially appreciate the ability to connect to other adults from my home when I first started reading blogs. There was a time when my only adult contact outside of church was with the checker at the grocery store or the mail carrier (if I timed it just right). Blogging was like inviting a friend inside to sit and chat, but you could do it in snatches when it was convenient. (Although sometimes it wasn't convenient and you did it anyway.)

Now that my kids are older and all in school, I get out a lot more, but I'm not sure I feel any more connected. There is something about reading people's thoughts and experiences through their writing that you just don't get from casual conversation or from status updates on Facecrack. More people should write. I should write. You should write. But I don't because I feel intimidated by blank pages and screens and I worry that I don't have anything worth saying. Maybe you do too.

But I miss that connection (and I'm also a little vain), so I'm sending my thoughts out into the internet once again where they can be read by 1 or 2 people who haven't deleted me from their news feed. Hi friends! Hope you are well.

Till next year. . .

 p.s. Happy Valentine's Day!


Carrot Jello said...

Now I want candy hearts. :)

Jennifer B. said...

Mmmm, candy.

Kristen said...

I agree, we all need to write more. First we got Facebook, which allows for about three lines of text; then Twitter and it's 140 characters. Now we're on to Pinterest which is just a grandiose picture book. Blogs allow for insight and expression we've been missing. Thanks for posting :)