Monday, January 15, 2007

Book Club

Mind if I wade through my thoughts for a bit?

It's my turn to choose a book for book club. I'm stumped. I want to pick something good, but it can't just be something I like--I want everybody to like it. ( I love my pick to get a high rating--oops, there's that vanity again.) I thought about Pilgrim at Tinker Creek. I could read the same sentence or paragraph in that book over and over just for the sheer beauty of the language. Besides, my copy started to fall apart, and after painstakingly replacing the pages several times, I finally gave up when my kids played "book blizzard" and I threw the copy out even though I still hadn't finished it. I'd like to finish it. But I wonder, would it be too much language and not enough story for the other readers? Don't know.

I also like young reader fantasy books like The Book of Three and Howl's Moving Castle. It's so fun to be transported to another world, but they are for juvenile readers. Are they too simple? Maybe.

What about Sense and Sensibility or Emma? Loved those, but we have already read Pride & Prejudice.

We just had a poetry reading and I thought Love That Dog might be fun. I love how the boy is changed by poetry and reveals himself through his own. Another juvenile read and very short.

Which one would you want to read?


Christy said...

Found your blog through cjane.

We're reading the book 'Five Quarters of the Orange' by Joanne Harris this month. She's the author that wrote 'Chocolat'. It's one of the first book club books in a long time that I've really, really enjoyed.

compulsive writer said...

Welcome to the blogland! I love the title of your new blog. I also love that I now have a couple more book titles to add to my "must read" list. Thank you!

A book that went over very well in two book clubs I'm in--as well as with my older kids--"Peace Like A River." Another recommendation is "Reading Lolita in Tehran."

Happy reading!

Jennifer B. said...

Christy -- Welcome and thanks for the suggestion. I'll check it out.

Compulsive Writer -- So nice to have you visit. Thanks for the compliment and the suggestions. We have read Peace Like a River (really enjoyed it!) but not the other--sounds interesting. Thank you!

metamorphose said...

I have suggestions, but I fear if you're group happens to be predominantly Mormon, some of my suggestions might have certain "sins" that might make people uncomfortable -which is very understandable.

One book that I blogged about myself was "The Coma" by Alex Garland. It's short and sweet but very interesting. I don't believe it has anything too risque.

And by the way, welcome to blogtown!