Friday, January 26, 2007

A Great Adventure

I'm feeling anxious. In the near future, my husband and I will be boarding a plane with seven (not a typo) S-E-V-E-N children 12 and under. It is a 5 hour flight. Although I am terribly excited about reuniting with family and creating memories for my own children, I am terribly nervous about the travel and being away from home. Sometimes I think--no big deal, it's very likely everything will go fine. Other times I think, how am I going to keep it together if my little people decide to play tag through the terminal, or worse, shrivel into convulsing shrieking over-tired masses when their ginger-ale spills? I think perhaps the anxiety is really coming from the fact that we are not a traveling family. I've never flown with more than 3 kids and we haven't taken many road trips. We just don't have much experience being away from home. Although I have been given some good advice (to which you may add in my comments section--please!), I'm still unsettled--I guess it's just fear of the unknown.

Come to think of it, not only am I not a traveler, I rarely venture beyond the comfy little parameter of school, church, Target. And I can see Target from my bedroom window. (In fact, I have passed up many low, low prices because 4 blocks is just too far.) Oh well. I will try to view this journey as a great adventure. After all, the main purpose of the trip is to see my clever, beautiful, loveable sister-in-law get married. She will be a stunning bride. And it gets better--ALL of my husband's 8-kid-family (with spouses and children, mind, you) will be there. They are incredible. When we're together, the kids play like they are the best of friends even though they rarely see each other. We have fun, and we laugh--a lot. So what's a few hundred miles, a few hours in the air, and a few days of being away from home to be with people you love?

Worth it.


Darlene said...

I bet it will go smoother than you thought possible--they'll all be excited about the experience--and you'll wonder why you worried.

Wish you were coming here.

Jennifer B. said...

Thanks Darlene. I hope you're right.

Wish we were coming through Utah.