Thursday, February 1, 2007

Miss Vanity's Confession (or Why Am I Doing This? part II)

"I have a title for your blog. . . 'Praise Junkie'"
That's what my sister said when I explained a few of the reasons why I wanted to start blogging. Okay, I admit it. I like it when people say nice things to me. But it's more than nice comments (although I really like nice comments)--I like having a little extra motivation to stop and jot a few thoughts down. Plus, I'm still new at this and enjoying all the novelty of it. Choosing my layout, the colors and fonts--it's play. However, I am a wee bit worried that blogging may encourage my usually hidden, adolescent sort of validation-seeking side to my personality. I'm aware of a part of myself that I don't really want to embrace. The same part that drove me to stick my smiling face 3 inches from the camera in our home movies when I was young; the same part that spurred me to attempt dancing all the parts of a large (46 cast member) musical number all by myself, on stage, in front of other adults last year during rehearsal for our stake production. The part of me that doesn't care about thoughtfulness, articulate eloquence, or inspiration. What if what matters most is just that people notice, admire, and compliment? I think that's about when my sister quipped, "I'm going to forget you just said that, so when we hang up, you can still have your self-respect." Thanks sis. You know how to keep me balanced.


Praise Enabler said...

You are the best!

praise junkie said...

(Trying not to choke on my laughter) Thanks. Right back atcha.