Monday, April 16, 2007


On our walk home from school the other day, my son was distraught. He did not get to kiss his kindergarten sister goodbye and apparently his world was ending. His weepy wailing echoed throughout the neighborhood. I tried to distract him, "How about if we paint when we get home? What if we go on a walk? Let's make play dough. . ."

Nothing could cheer him. Finally I asked, "What would make you feel better?"
He sobbed, "Let's go to the store and buyyyy stuff (sniff). That will make me feel better."

I think I'm in trouble.


Toni said...

Haha! What a ham!

I once picked Luke up from school because he was sick. I asked him after we got into the car, "what will make you feel better?" I was hoping he would eat. He replied "a haircut". He got one.

---KCN--- said...

I love it! How early we learn, huh? Shopping seems to lift my mood too...until my husband asks for the checkbook ledger. Then my response is, "It was all groceries honey."

Tylershark said...

What do you mean it wasn't groceries?!?

Michelle S. said...

When Lolo was 4 or 5 she fell down and hurt herself. When we called Dad at work (what was I thinking??) he asked what he could do to make it better. The tears immediately dried up, and she enthusiastically began to tell him about the party he could throw her.
Looks like it's a cousin thing.

b. said...


Anonymous said...

that is so funny what he said.

yesterday, one of my daughters (15)before church said, mom, i have a proposition for you. i quickly jumped in and said .. i have a preposition for you. she was stunned and just stared at me puzzled and she lost her train of thought. it was cute.


Kimberly said...

That is so hilarious! And hey, there are worse ways to deal with stress, right?

Elizabeth-W said...

Oh geez louise! :)
Did he have something in mind?

eve said...

That always makes ME feel better! I can't believe that came out of his mouth!

Jennifer B. said...

Toni - A haircut?! I almost have to drag mine there.

KCN - Hee hee, "groceries"

TYLER - Read carefully. She doesn't say it WASN'T groceries. (Costco is a pretty fun place to shop.) Clever wording KC!

Michelle - That's so cute! My question is, did she get the party?

Thanks, b. Me too.

Grateful - Ah. You are good!

Kimberly - I'm glad I didn't laugh. And you're right, there are certainly worse things.

Eve - Me too. (Until I have buyer's remorse--which I get often). He took me completely off guard!

Jennifer B. said...

Elizabeth -- He didn't mention anything specific. Apparently he has already developed an appreciation for accumulating "stuff" in general.

elasticwaistbandlady said...

In an age where Barbie has her own credit cards and there's a Shopping Mall Dora playset, I'm not surprised.

My toddlers have their own piggy banks and once a month I let them go a little crazy at the dollar store. The Infidel family is solely responsible for keeping The Whoopee Cushion factory open and prospering.

Amber said...

And so the shopping addiction begins. How cute. And he can take his little girlfriend with him. :-)

Anonymous said...

the barbie comments made me think of a weird joke i heard long ago.

have you heard of divorced barbie?


she comes with all of ken's things!

he he he he

happy day :)

Tylershark said...

I should have said, "What are you saying? It wasn't all groceries?" I don't like that I can't edit my comments later. Does anyone know how?

Jennifer B. said...

I don't think you can edit them. I can delete them and you could re-post, but I don't think editing is possible. Sorry Tyler.

Emily said...

funny! everyone needs a little "retail therapy" now and again.
And thanks for visiting my blog. I'm glad you enjoy it.

Michelle S. said...

She did get a party. We were young parents back then.

Jennifer B. said...

Looove it, Michelle! You must have done something right--she sure has turned out well =)

Justine said...

It IS all groceries! I can go to Costco, buy fabulous clothes and garden supplies and flatware, but in the end, it still came from Costco. Quicken knows better than to call it anything BUT groceries.

Jennifer, take that boy to Costco!

riley s. said...

Haha! At least he was sad for a good reason. I cry when I have to kiss my sisters.

Jennifer B. said...

EWL -- So true. So true. Shopping pervades our culture at every age. So, has your family ever used the whoopee cushions on company?

Amber -- nice to see you again. I guess I don't mind the early interest in shoppping, but dating? Yikes!

Grateful -- Ha! That's a good one.

Emily -- "Retail therapy" I love it. Right up there with my other favorite therapy: chocolate.

Justine -- You are right. Costco, here we come!

Riley! So nice to see you here =) Your comment made me laugh.

bookworm said...

That's hilarious! Maybe you should start taking him to the store more often.