Thursday, April 12, 2007


My new blogging friend, "So grateful to be Mormon" tagged me with an obsession meme. Obsess is such a strong word, but listing the 5 things I occasionally feel strong about doesn't sound very interesting, does it? So with that . . .

Jennifer B.'s 5 Obsessions

1. Book Club
2. Purging my house of clutter
3. My goal to be completely debt-free
4. Reading the comments on my favorite blogs
5. Being on time to take my friend to work in 20 minutes -- Wait! Make that 12 minutes!

Yikes! Gotta run. . .


Toni said...

I'm totally with you on number 4! So much that I don't care about # 2 anymore!

Anonymous said...

cool jennifer b! your new blogging friend comment made me smile tonight. you are my very first blogging friend :)

how neat. to mark this first in my baby blogging experience, i share with you ... "a smile is the shortest distance between two people." it's good.

ps. come check out the awesome wordless wednesday photo i posted. it is wow!

happy day to you girl :)

elasticwaistbandlady said...

I'm so very grateful that your obsession list didn't include........"Cavorting around topless and greased up for photographers while I pooch my lips and try to look sultry and alluring hawking Calvin Klein's stinky butt perfume, Obsession."

And I'm doubly grateful that the little slice of 80's cheese known as 'Obsession' by Animotion wasn't mentioned here either.

Hey, my word verification is KYTV. I can picture it now........"KYTV where it's KY Feminine Jelly And Lubrication Talk all day, everyday.

Anonymous said...

jennifer: is it wild to me how your list could have been my list, too. so similar. i couldn't wait to get home yesterday just so i could check comments on blogs. i am hoping the obsession will kind of normalize with time :)

elastic: you are funny! thanks for making me laugh this morning.

g'day :)

Anonymous said...

hi jennifer b: come see my post tonight. something you said about friendships in your three things meme the other day got me thinking about this and made me want to post this tonight.

take care :)

Elizabeth-W said...

Obsession is a strong word. I wish I could be more obsessive about some things because I think I might be more productive. :D

Jennifer B. said...

Toni--Comments are fun. . .and addicting.

Grateful--You make me smile. I will check out your post.

EWL--Your comedy is my obsession! Your word verification made my laugh and then think, "Ew."

Elizabeth--I know what you mean! In fact, I was so tired (and thus unmotivated) this week that I almost couldn't complete the meme. I was too fatigued to feel strongly about anything besides a nap!

Anonymous said...

good morning jennifer b: thanks for saying "you make me smile." you brightened my day.

i was hesitant to put my "letting go" poem and comments on my post last night, felt like maybe that would make me too vulnerable, like maybe that was way too personal. but then i thought about it and decided if you can't write (or say) what you truly think and feel, i guess you are kind of faking it, you know, not really being true to yourself and your convictions. if you can't "be yourself," than what is the point? sometimes that makes you more vulnerable and sometimes you get hurt sure, but sometimes you gain the best moments in life because of the honesty. oh, i am going on a soapbox here :)

blessings to you and yours this day from anchorage alaska :)

Amber said...

I am sooooo over #2. I think they call it a nervous breakdown. :-)

Jennifer B. said...

Welcome Amber! Yes, clutter makes me crazy too.

Anonymous said...

hi jennifer: thanks for leaving your great and encouraging comments about vulnerability and more on my blog about my letting go post.

happy Sabbath :)

Carrotjello said...

I'm obsessed with being on time. Not that you asked or anything, I just am.

Jennifer B. said...

Carrot, in case I ever have the privilege of meeting you in person, I shall make sure to be prompt!