Friday, September 7, 2007

. . .Continued

4 Regrets:

1. Not learning younger to be disciplined
2. That it took me so long to realize how important sleep is
3. That I haven't been better at correspondence
4. Those doughnuts (yes, that's plural) I ate today.

4 Things I Wish I Could Do More Often:

1. Visit family
2. Enjoy rain
3. Go to cooking class
4. Get my house clean

4 Things That I Never Would Have Imagined Would Happen to Me:

1. I learned how to get places early (with seven kids in tow)
2. I have a blog and sometimes people read it
3. I decided to wear bangs again after that "experiment" in the late 1980's
4. I would be brave enough to sing in a small group

Now you're it!


Geo said...

Hi! The beautiful thing about coming out of lurkdom to leave a comment is that you leave a trail to your own blog . . . I'm glad you did that! Thanks for visiting me.

I like your fours. I can relate awfully well to everything you've expressed except the seven kids and the public singing. For me, it was pasta and gelato last night, rather than doughnuts, but it all goes to the same end, so to speak. And I keep almost cutting bangs . . . even though I know I'll likely regret it.

You're fun to read!

No Cool Story said...

Doughnuts. Just don't eat anything for the rest of the week and you'll be ok.

Scribbit said...

Heh, "80s experiment" I think I remember that one!

Eve said...

I love that you're still blogging~ I'll enjoy plenty of rain, just for you.

elasticwaistbandlady said...

So, you have bangs?

*my best swivel0hipped Ricky Martin impression*
"She Bangs! She Bangs!"

Kimberly said...

Wow. Ditto to every single one of those.

Except the seven kids part.

Tip Junkie said...

Primary President. Yeah! Congratulations and I'm sure you'll be great at it.

Rebecca said...

donuts are worth it but. Yum. Love them.

Anonymous said...

hi jen:
fun post.
and sometimes people read your blog? jen, i read your blog everytime you post a new post. you were one of the first people to communicate with me when i first started my blog in april. you told me about flickr also. you rock girl, kathleen

Jennifer B. said...

Thanks everyone!
My response is sooooo late, but welcome tip junkie--just in case you ever visit again.

wynne said...

Oh no, I'm not! I will NEVER BE IT AGAIN!