Tuesday, September 4, 2007


Looks like I completely missed August. Here's a quick update: I have a new calling: Primary President. I guess I'm going to be a bit busier than usual. I'm a little nervous, but very excited. I LOVE Primary and I think serving in this organization will be satisfying. I do like kids and I enjoy teaching. I expect it to be challenging and fun.

My husband taught his first day of seminary today and tomorrow is my kids' first day of school. If I want to survive/thrive, I'm going to have to be organized and have a routine that allows all of us to get enough sleep. Wish me luck as this is a weak area of mine.

Now for your reading pleasure, I will respond to this tag from my friend Darlene.

Four Places I’d Love to Visit:

1. The East coast
2. London
3. Seattle
4. My bed

Four Things I Covet:

1. Melanie's discipline
2. Jen H's healthy habits and spunk
3. A clean home
4. Alex's accent and wit

4 Goals I Have:

1. Learn to retire and rise early
2. Organize my home/routine
3. Increase patience
4. Floss daily

4 Fads I Wish Would Pass:

1. Low-waisted pants
2. Snotty/vulgar sayings on t-shirts
3. Chocolate-flavored gum
4. Body piercing

4 Delights:

1. Toddler hugs
2. When chores get done without complaining
3. Dates with my hubby
4. Good chocolate

To Be Continued . . .


Elizabeth-W said...

Chocolate-flavored gum? Blech! How I have missed this trend is beyond me, though.
Congrats on your new calling! And best wishes for regular bedtime. Set yourself an alarm to GO to bed, maybe? :)

Kimberly said...

Yay! You're back! And boy, I can say ditto to just about everything you wrote in that meme.

You'll be a wonderful Primary President, I just know it!

Tylershark said...

Good to see you writing again. Good luck as you get into a new routine.

Anonymous said...

hi jen:
good to see you alive and kicking.

way happy for you in your new calling as primary president. i have loved teaching in primary for the past 11 months. these little ones continue to bless and love me and i am grateful for that.

your meme was cute, i especially liked how you made me snicker aloud when i read your travel to bed comment.

something to chew on for your new calling. i love this quote. "God does not call the equiped, He equips the called."

it is so good and true!

blessings to you,

No Cool Story said...

Congrats Primary Prez!
I'm staying away from chocolate-flavored gum.

Eve said...

ummm my goal for this school year was also to get to bed "early." Last night I went to bed @ 12:30. Oops.

riley s. said...

I'm glad choclate gum was mentioned on this list. It is very gross. Good luck with your new calling. And I wish Andrew was my seminary teacher, not just because I could get away with a couple of absences.

Alicia S. said...

Is The Kite Runner good? I've been seeing it everywhere, but haven't actually read it.

Michelle S. said...

Congratulations on your new calling. You are so good with children, living the gospel, and visuals. What a lucky Primary!!

the shoeless primary said...

We are really lucky!

Jennifer B. said...

Thanks Elizabeth, GOOD advice!

Kimberly, thank you. I'm happy you're still reading =)

Thanks Tyler. It's gone well so far. Three whole day now.

Grateful, Thanks for the quote--love it! You always say the right thing.

Thanks NCS. I haven't actually tried the chocolate gum, but it just seemed like an odd combination when I saw it.

Eve, I think we have so much in common. Good luck!

Aw, we miss you Riley. I wish you were in Andrew's class cause then we'd see you all the time!

Alicia, it was well-written, but some parts were disturbing enough that I couldn't recommend it to you.

Thanks Michelle! I think I'm going to have lots of fun.

Wow. My primary visited! Thanks kids =)

Anonymous said...

awh, thanks, you made me smile.

you're gonna do great in this, i know you will.

don't forget how awesome you are, kathleen

wynne said...

Hope August was grand. And I think your bed would be a grand place to visit. (Whoa--that came out all wrong. I meant for you to visit, not me. Hold on for a moment as I remove my foot from my mouth.)

Um...what about Harry Potter? Does *sniff* anyone want to, er, you know, talk about it with me? Anyone?

Geo said...

Best of everything in your new calling! Sound like you and your husband are "youth people." They need the very best these days!

Is it difficult to manage dates with your husband with so many children at home? Or does the number make it easier? I'm curious about this as my husband and I approach our number one.

Annie said...

Welcome to the P.P Club! Let's swap ideas sometime.

Jennifer B. said...

Wynne, You are a complete crack-up!

Geo, Thanks for visiting! Actually, now that my oldest is 13, dates are much easier to plan, because she babysits. But just so you know, I believe in babysitters! Dating is so important. Good luck!

Thanks Annie! I'm sure I'll be coming to you for advice.

elasticwaistbandlady said...

Looks like you got tapped just in time to organize the Fall Primary Program. Yay you!

Special K ~Toni said...

Glad to hear you like kids... Considering...