Friday, October 19, 2007

One of Many Reasons on Why I Am Conflicted about Blogging

Today I was going to limit blog time to 15 minutes. I just checked the clock.

It's been 48.

Guess I should have used my timer.

Have a great weekend! How will you be spending YOUR time?


No Cool Story said...

I have discovered that Blogging time and RL (Real Life) time are not the same. Blog time goes way faster than RL time. It's a fact.

How will I be spending my time? I'm going to try to turn my brain off.

Kimberly said...

NCS theory makes sense.

I'm so getting myself an egg timer for my desk.

aubrey said...

ya, i have that problem EVERY. DAY. at least you only went over 30 minutes. that's not too bad.

compulsive writer said...

I understand this conflict. Only this weekend I am not feeling quite so guilty about it because I am too sick to do anything else but watch TV. And since we don't have cable that would be a complete waste of my time. As opposed to blogging, which is only a partial waste...?

Eve said...

I'm reading. Like crazy. Way more addicting for me than sitting in an uncomfortable computer chair. I know I would be blogging more if I could have a nice little lap top to bring in bed with me. Not a good idea!

emilyshaw said...

it seems we're all on the same brain - i have read a few other bloggers that are contemplating how and why they blog ...
timer is a great idea!

Mike said...

I don't see this as a problem. Would you feel bad if you spoke with a sibling for 48 minutes? What about 5 siblings for 9 minutes 36 seconds each? Well, you've just communicated with siblings, their spouses, parents, neices and nephews, and many friends. It couldn't come out to more than a few seconds each. I think you should be commended for your efficiency.

elasticwaistbandlady said...

I'm so close to not blogging anymore I can smell the singed burning of my smiley page crumpling up.

I had a dream a couple days ago that someone hacked into my blog and I danced around with joy and I kept shouting that I was FREE. Ummm, yeah, thats very telling.

Michelle S. said...

My weekend will include one soccer game, soccer snack, a baptism, a Laurel lesson, Disneyland planning meeting, Primary Program, scrubbing the floors, and friends coming over for our annual homemade donut night. I wish your family was coming.

Tylershark said...

I'm with Mike. Way to be efficient. I'll be spending my day at soccer games, printing agendas, and packing.

Annie said...

Ah yes! Blogging the great time sucker. At least we are all in it together.

Geo said...

I will spend mine avoiding hourglasses.

Sue said...

I definitely have a blogging problem. I'm a total addict. I need professional help probably. Loved the post ;>

k.c. said...

I have thoughts about this. I used to feel kind of obligated to keep up MY blog. But then I got over that. It's my blog, for goodness sake. If people want to read it, great. If not, well, it's for me anyway. THEN I found this link:
... which I LOVE.

As far as wasted time blog surfing, sometimes it helps me, when I know I need to spend only a little time, to only look at blogs of people I know in RL. Maybe save the people you know in blog world for when you have more time? Just my theory and the way I pull it together when needed.

Hope this helps.

I'm spending my time dreaming about home decorating while I'm at work ... eating chocolate covered macademia nuts someone brought back from their vacation the Hawaii. Mmmmm!

Jennifer B. said...

NCS, I think you have discovered a new facet of the theory of relativity. Can you make Super Happy Girl look like Einstein?

Kim, yes it does. Hope you find a cute timer--there are so many fun ones out there. I want to see a picture of it on your blog.

Jennifer B. said...

Aubrey, Thanks for making me feel better.

Right on, CW. It's on a PARTIAL waste! (Hope you're feeling better!)

Eve, you are so smart!

Welcome Emily! I think this is a pretty common topic. There is a lot of blogging angst out there.

Thanks Mike! I just went from lazy and irresponsible to EFFICIENT! Yes! I love my family =)

Elastic, I'm a bit worried about you. Perhaps it is time for a hiatus--please don't delete your blog. That would be a crime. Down with Blogacide!!! (Those extra exclamation points were just for you.)

Michelle, you are amazing. Wish I could have been there =(

Thanks Tyler. You and Mike have a point.

That's right Annie. Hooray for solidarity!

Geo, good luck. Hourglasses are nothing but trouble.

Thanks for visiting Sue, As Annie said, at least we're all in it together.

KC, excellent advice--I'm taking it! Thanks for coming by and commenting. I've really enjoyed visiting your blog.

Rebecca said...

I know -it is completely time consuming.