Monday, May 7, 2007

Handy Thoughts

I have often heard the phrase, “I know it like the back of my hand.” What does that mean, really? How well do you know the back of your hand? Can you picture it in your mind? Unlike some, I apparently do not know the back of my hand very well. While looking over these lovely appendages recently, I noticed spots. “Hey! Whose hands are these? My hands don’t have age spots! And how come they look. . .wrinkly and that vein is kind of popping out?” I’m sure it didn’t happen suddenly; my hands have been gradually aging and I just didn’t realize it. Maybe the changes escaped me because I’m so busy using my hands, that I don’t really take time to sit and gaze at them. Between chopping vegetables for dinner, loading laundry into the wash, and typing at the computer, I haven’t stopped to notice the changes in the hands that serve me so well. Fortunately, the spots, wrinkles, and bulging veins (ew--I can barely write it) haven’t kept me from being useful.

I was reading an article in the current issue of Segullah. It made me wonder, “What do my hands say about me?” (Certainly they say that I’m not twenty anymore.) Can you tell very much about a person by looking at their hands? Probably not--unless the hands are moving. Can you tell very much about a person by the way they use their hands? I think so. If you like, read Melissa Young’s essay, “Hands” and tell me what you think. What parts do you enjoy and what thoughts stand out to you? Stop by Blog Segullah and let's talk about it.


Kimberly said...

I actually know the back of my right hand quite well. The left is a mystery to me. No defining marks like the right. Wouldn't be fun to get a whole gaggle of gals together, stand in a circle with all our hands in the middle, and try to guess at a glance with hands are ours? Then wiggle to find out if you were right or not?

Maybe fun isn't the right word... =P

---KCN--- said...

Well worn hands are the sign of a well lived life. If you don't use your hands (and various other parts of yourself), what good do they do you?

My only question is, does this theory also apply to a wrinkled brow? I noticed in the mirror the other day, that my brow has also been well used.

scribbit said...

My kids think the veins on my hands are gross. They're a real comfort I tell you. :)

Elizabeth-W said...

I always get a kick out of movie stars who get lifted and tucked and augmented and colored etc etc etc.
But the hands never lie.
I've noticed mine are getting wrinkley. My mom is getting age spots, just like her grandmother. She can't stand it.

Anonymous said...

hi jennifer b: it shows that you've had (and are having) a full well-lived life.

i am grateful that my hands can create cool things that bring joy to me and to others. i'm creative i tell ya.

~happy night girl, kathleen :)

Amber said...

Very thought-provoking posts and to be honest, I've never pondered my hands very much except for when I was a pianist and coveted long, slender fingers. On the flipside, I was never grateful that my hands have been able to aptly perform sports, calm a baby and hold a little hand.

One of my favorite church songs has always been "His Hands." Really hits home re: all the things the Savior did.

wynne said...

Hands are nice things. I am grateful that I have opposable thumbs, aren't you?

Doggy Mama said...

I've always thought my hands weren't feminine enough... not that I have man hands (remember that Seinfeld episode!?) but they're just not dainty and small and delicate. But I've come to terms with it! ;)

OK, sometimes I'm a total blonde... I've never really understood the phrase. Is the back of my hand my palm? Or the TOP of my hand? Confused here!!

Anonymous said...

hi jennifer: hope you had a good day. did you memorize any parts of the back of your hand today? :)

~tootles, kathleen :)

Jennifer B. said...

Kimberly, That would be fun! Hmmm, next Enrichment Night maybe?

KC. Thanks for visiting! I LOVE your blog. And on the wrinkled brow, I'm sure it just means you're a deep thinker.

Scribbit, how nice of you to stop by! Aren't kids great?

Elizabeth, you're so right. I've actually thought about wearing gloves to slow the sun damage, but I don't want to draw that much attention to myself. You know, "Who does she think she is? Jane Austin?"

Grateful, I can always count on you to show me the bright side. Thanks!

Amber, thanks for your comment. I think I know that song, but I need to hear it again.

Hey Wynne! Thanks for commenting. I agree, hooray for opposable thumbs!

Doggy Mama, thanks for visiting my blog! I've always thought of the back of my hand as the top, raher than the palm, but I could be mistaken.

Anonymous said...

anytime baby!

always look on the bright side of life. woo hoo woo hoo. song fades ...

he he

happy weekend, kathleen :)