Saturday, May 19, 2007

Time Out

I'm taking a time out to think happy thoughts and do happy deeds. I'll begin by sharing three happy things.

1. My foot/leg is beginning to feel better
2. The bills are paid
3. My family is healthy

Be back soon.


compulsive writer said...

Good on all counts.

Except we miss you.

Anonymous said...

glad for ya, jennifer.

but i miss ya, too. come back to jamaca. :)

chow baby, kathleen :)

b. said...

Many blessings, huh?
Was it plantar fasciaitis(sp)?

No Cool Story said...

Happy Happy Joy joy!

Tylershark said...

Couldn't ask for more.

Except for maybe a genie that would grant you three wishes and then when for your last wish you ask for three more wishes he doesn't freak out like some lawyer or Pharisee and say that you are not allowed to ask for more wishes as if there were some law somewhere dictating what your wishes could or couldn't be, because wishes are just that, wishes, and not something that can be controlled or legislated like a common city noise reduction ordinance, which by the way is completely ridiculous, because nobody should be able to tell me when my band can and cannot practice, because it's my basement, and if the neighbors don't like it, they can just get some ear plugs and stop calling the cops, as if they didn't have better things to do.

Jennifer B. said...

Thanks CW! Miss you too.

Grateful, don't worry--I'll be back.

b., YES! that was it. Have you had it? I guess it must be fairly common. I let it go way too long.

Tyler, down with Parisiacal genies! Rock on, bro., Rock on.

Toni said...

Sounds good to me!

Carrotjello said...

Jennifer, I don't mind when you have to take care of things, but could you at least leave us with a picture to look at when you do?

Jennifer B. said...

Hi Toni!
Carrot, done.

b. said...

I don't know how common it is...but, yes, I had it and it H.U.R.T.S.!!!
I'm glad to hear yours is healing!

Kimberly said...

What lovely happy thoughts. Glad you're having fun out there in the real world. =P

b. said...

ps. I could not go barefoot for several years:(

bookworm said...