Thursday, March 8, 2007

Book Review -- Tender at the Bone

Yesterday I finished reading Tender at the Bone by Ruth Reichl. I loved it. Reichl is the restaurant critic of the New York Times and this book is her embellished memoir. Man, can this woman write about food! It was lucky I didn't drool into the pages.

I have to admit, though, my favorite chapter is the very first one and is more likely to make your stomach churn than to make your mouth water. It is titled, "The Queen of Mold." In it, Reichl describes her mother as "taste-blind and unafraid of rot." Would you like a good laugh? Read those first nineteen pages.

The book is more than tantalizing descriptions of food, however. Reichl's book vividly describes characters and events that shaped her life. Although humor is sprinkled throughout, it is not the comedy you might expect after the first chapter. It is, however, packed with lively description, and colorful characters. (Wait. Did I already say that? Well, consider it emphatic repetition.) For me, reading it was a 5 star experience.

So now I need something new. Read anything good lately?


Toni said...

Excuse me?! With seven children, when the heck do you have time to read???

As for suggestions, I read the back of a bottle of shampoo yesterday, want it?

Jennifer B. said...

Toni -- Children? Do I have children? (That's kind of how it is at my house on days when I'm consumed in a book. The kids get to eat pretty much whatever they want and I might just leave the TV on because Mom's only got 3 hours until book club starts!)

Hmmm. Was it well-written? What KIND of shampoo?

Toni said...

It was Herbal Essence- the commercial lies- but it does get my hair squeaky clean!

Carrotjello said...

Wait... you have 7 chilren?? Woah. Have you ever read "The Prize Winner Of Defiance Ohio"? That's a good one, and she had 11 children.

Carrotjello said...

er...children, not chilren.

Jennifer B. said...

Carrot -- Thanks for the recommendation. I have NOT read that book. (and yes, I have seven kids) I'll look for it.