Monday, March 19, 2007

A New Day

I had a great weekend.
Saturday I attended a Stake (local church) Women's Conference and it was FABULOUS! I am ready to be a better me. I'm starting with turning off my computer until the kids are in bed, so I will have to report later. I have decided to use it only in the early morning or evening when children are in bed. Some of you are disciplined, but I like to turn to the computer whenever I am avoiding something else I should be doing. No more! (We'll see if I have withdrawl). Let's see how I do. This week will be an experiment.
Do you have any goals for the week?


Carrotjello said...

I spent 5 hours organizing on Saturday. My goal is to not have anymore junk drawers. least for a month.

Jennifer B. said...

Are you nesting???

Carrotjello said...

It's awfully early for that. I'm beginning to think it was a one day spurt, lol.

Toni said...

Ya know, I think I am offended over this! Ignore those children! We want to be the center of your world! lol

I know what you mean, I have got to stop being on here so much, I really need to study!

Goals for this week? To survive, and watch Survivor tomorrow. I am wild!

Perhaps I will go do that now..

Jennifer B. said...

Carrot--When's your due date?

Toni -- I know, I know. I'm a blog slacker. Good luck surviving!

Carrotjello said...

I'm having a c-section May 4th (at 8:30 if you'd like to come, lol)

c jane said...

Good luck to you Jennifer B. May this be a new era for you and your family.

Jennifer B. said...

Carrot--wish I could come!

c jane -- Thanks. We'll see if I can keep myself fired up. It's so easy to sit and listen to a really good talk and then go home and forget all about it after a few days.

Thoroughly Mormon Millie said...

Dude. I need that goal BAD.