Thursday, March 1, 2007

More Than You Ever Wanted to Know About Jennifer B., From A to Z

Available or not: For a snack? Yes. For a date? No.
Best friend: My hubby, of course
Cake or pie: Both, please
Drink of choice: Water
Essential items used daily: my Mac, the pantry
Favorite color: Yellow
Gummy bears or worms: Neither, thank you
Hometown: I decline to answer since I have ended up living there
Indulgence: Blogging, naturally
January or February: February
Kids: 7 of them, ranging from 12 to 2
Life is incomplete without: Beauty (and I mean that in the deep philosophical and artistic sense, not the superficial, vain, “How do I look?” sense)
Marriage date: April 30, 1993
Number of siblings: 6, I mean 5
Oranges or apples: apples--so many good ones to choose from--ever tried an Ambrosia apple? Mmmm
Phobias or fears: Heights, plus I have a recurring dream about losing my teeth
Quote (favorite): When one cannot think of anything to say, it is a time to be silent.
Reason to Smile: Toddler hugs
Season: Fall--memories of Back-to-School, the weather and anticipation of holidays to come
Tag 3 people: Tyler, Toni, the lurker from Garden Grove
Unknown fact about me: I won an award for good penmanship in 4th and 5th grade--if you’ve seen my current handwriting, this is also a humorous fact.
Vegetables you don't like: Brussels sprouts
W: What? There’s no W category? Whatever.
X-rays: right foot (I had a “dancer’s fracture,” but didn’t get it dancing. I was chasing my little brother through the house and tripped on the stair. Graceful, no?)
Your favorite food: This is like asking which child is my favorite!
Zodiac sign: Cancer (and I don’t want to hear any remarks about me being crabby! Got it?!)


Toni said...

Oops! I'm a dork!

I did this meme in December. I just did a new one- the ABC's of homemaking, you should do that one!

Jennifer B. said...

Alright Toni,
You're off the hook. Thanks for the suggestion :)

Carrotjello said...

I like your favorite food, lol.

compulsive writer said...

I hope your teeth stay put.

You have a lurker from Garden Grove? How mysterious!

Your Sixth Sibling said...

How do you figure? You don't count as yourself and a sibling too. Is the sixth sibling a subconcious manifestation of you wanting to be counted twice. Enough with all the attention.

Jennifer B. said...

Oops. I wasn't thinking straight. I was reading it as how many children in the family I grew up in. I really shouldn't do this when I'm tired.!